Painting's Title (Chandler Airport runway/Phoenix/Arizona/U.S.A) : "Thank you for your kindness in adjusting the price for me !, I appreciate it so much "

(Blue Fish retro/ VA/U.S.A)

Painting's Title (The blined salesman of Luck) : "birthday present to a friend originaly from Baghdad/Iraq "

(Laith Murad/Toronto/Canada)

Painting's Title (kyts) : "Love your work . it is so difficult to find Iraqi art in the U.S.A, keep it up "

(Megan Lord/ME/U.S.A )

Painting's Title (storks) : "My Boyfriend and I work in a refugee resettlement agency in Texas , we work really closely with a lot of Iraqi refugees and Asylees. He is fascinated with every thing from Iraq and will love this, it is beautiful, thank you so much . "

(Claire Elizabeth/TX/U.S.A )

Painting's Title (Camel man) : "I saw your Art on display at Levantine cultural center/CA/U.S.A, a couple of years ago and I think It's phenomenal "

(Jennifer Reinhart/Chicago/IL/U.S.A )

Painting's Title (Storks) : "Your Art is beautiful, I'm very excited to have found these prints of yours. Thank you "

(Brian Sparks/Cambridge/MA/U.S.A )

Painting's Title (Prophet Muhammed's Shrine) : "Very nice print, I will check your shop out again "

(Aimee Daddi )

Painting's Title (Kyts) : "Once I receive this piece I may also get the one of couple and the city"

(Maria De.Sanzo/Chicago/IL/U.S.A)

Painting's Title (Cow in Arabic) : "Wonderful print. thank you"


Painting's Title (Baghdad Lovers) : "Wonderful drawing! it's a present to my Iraqi husband his birthday is on June 2 hope you can make the delivery by then,thanks in advance"

(Husam Alwan's Wife,/The Netherlands)

Painting's Title (Coffee Shop) : "I just wanted to say that I've been checking out your art for a while now, my family's Iraqi and my Ant was an Artist so seeing your work is always exciting "

(Noor Alradi/New york/NY/U.S.A )

Painting's Title (Baghdad Neighborhood) : "Captured the perfect nostalgia of old Baghdad"


Painting's Title ( The Blined Salesman of Luck) : "This sums up Iraqi modern social/political history in a way that only an Iraqi Artist can, It has humour and saddness, I like the brightness of It ."


Painting's Title ( Baghdad Storcks ) : "Item was shipped quickly ,I love the details in this piece, I would love to buy the original (when I can afford It )."


Painting's Title (Kyts) : "Grate piece of Art "

(Rachel Powers/Boulder/Co/U.S.A )

Painting's Title (Baghdad) : "This is beautiful.I hope you upload more soon, I will definitely check back. "

( Jinanne Ramsey/Boston/MA/U.S.A)

Painting's Title (Ramadan night) : " I love the subject matter and your whimsical style ! what method of printing is this?"


Painting's Title ( Nabgha Tree) : "This print is sure to be noticed on my wall !..I love it ."


Painting's Title ( Arabian Nights) : "Great Artist, great service, very happy, thanks so much"

(Aromatic Attars/Australia )

Painting's Title (Shenasheelhousing structure in color) : "Dear Faris; thank you very much for fantastic pieces! we can't wait to showcase them in our home, It was so difficult choosing between all of them we spent so long deciding which ones to pick :) we will definitely buy more in the future, we can't wait to see more of your beautiful Art ! . "

( your Fans , Noor and Ammar Alaboosi/Montreal/Canada)