Price 200$

Title "Um Alshenasheel" or the mother of all Shenasheel

Item# 411

Size 16x20 inch

Ship from the city of Baghdad.

In this picture I combined the image of an old structure of an Arabic Ship with an image of an old housing structure in the city of Baghdad called Shenasheell....that's how I came up with this picture of an Imaginary ship .

I named it "Um Alshanasheel" (or the mother of allnShenasheel) .

The graphic frame of the illustration is formed by the famous diamond shape fish named " Ezbaidi " that lives in the Persian Gulf waters.

The illustration is done using the collage technique ( I pasted a cut out of a map on to the artwork) I also used mixed media.

This is a 16x20inch original illustration priced 200 $.

thank you.