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Title " Pomegranate salesman in old Baghdad"

Size 18x24 inch

Mixed media illustration

The picture is of a Bazar in old Baghdad at the pomegranate vendor .I drew this picture from a photograph that was taken in a Baghdad market in the year 1919..!! .

In old Baghdadi houses, It is common to have a small garden in the center of the building with a pomegranate tree planted in it, this is because the pomegranate is always present in Iraqi culture

And is said to symbolize heaven in the mystical traditions. visitors that come to Baghdad will find that the selling of Pomegranate juice buy vendors is a common business in many streets and neighborhoods.

The fruit is also mentioned in various Iraqi songs and works of literature.

If ever I had the chance to revisit Iraq , drinking the juice of a pomegranate from a street vendor would be the first thing on my to-do list .!! Thank you .