Contemporary Arabic Art-4

Title "Injured Bull"

Item# 016 price 300$ size 16x20 inch

Title "Street work"

Item# 799 price 170$ size 11x17 inch

Title "Mexican woman & child"

Item# 409 price 200$ size 11x14 inch

Title "Masai Tribesman"

Item# 804 price 100$ size 8.5x11 inch

Title "Animal grounds/Grifith park entrance"

Item# 112 price 150$ size 11x14 inch

Title "Animal grounds/Grifith park entrance-2"

Item# 336 price 150$ size 11x14 inch

Title "Phoenix Zoo entrance"

Item# 703 price 150$ size 11x14 inch

title"Scottsdale Art Festival"

Item #477 price 125$ size 11x14 inch

Title..."Phoenix Zoo"

Item# 119 price 240$ size 11x14 inch

Title..."Chandler/AZ Ostridg festival"

Item# 220 price 250$ size 11x14 inch

Title "Gass station size 18x13inch"

Item# 373 price 200$ size 18x13 inch

Title "collage painting of a cofe shop"

Item# 868 price 170$ size 16x20 inch

Geraph cage in LA Zoo

Item# 837 price 175$ size 11x14 inch

Title..."Lion vs Zebra"

Item# 838 price 100$ size 11x8.5 inch

Title..."Rabit in a cabbige farm"

Item# 840 price 125$ size 11x8.5 inch

Title "Zebra Fight"

Item# 845 price 80$ size 11x8.5 inch

Title "Antilop Vs Hyenas "

Item# 855 price 140$ size 11x17 inch

Title "Dry day at the Zoo "

Item# 871 price 225$ size 18x24 inch

Title "A set of 2 drawing depicting Northridge Park in an Islamic contemporary style "

Item# 369 price 220$ size 11x8.5 inch


Item# 478, price 100$ size9x12 inch


Item# 490, price 100$ size 9x12 inch


Item# 768, price 100$ size 8.5x11 inch


Item# 781, price 100$ size 8.5x11 inch




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