Price $280

Item# 359

Title "Chandler/AZ Airport "

I Drew this original 24x18 inch illustration of Chandler Municipal Airport motivated by my old love to flying and Airplanes

Sins I was a teenager I dreamed to be a Pilot, but... not all wishes comes true .

The Airport is close to where I live ( about 5 minutes from the house ), and I enjoy watching ( from the patio of the house )

The small planes that takes of or land on its runway .

finally one day I decided to draw the Airport from behind its fence !...so I did, and when I finished this Drawing and prepared to go home

I realized that there was a Police car parked about 100 feet behind me.. watching me the hole time I was drawing

( because there weren't any one else there ) !! ...and here I realized that I shouldn't be there.