Price 200$

Title " Baghdad in Malty perspective drawing"

Sharpy pens(markers) on paper

Item# 528

I have an infatuation of illustrating the City of Baghdad or the life style in it ..!

It is an ambitious Goal to peruse, and each attempt I try .......and fail...! I learn something new .

Any way this drawing is one of these attempts.

It's an original drawing done using black markers...and the size of the drawing is 14x11 inch.

I usually leave the audience enjoy the Art work without my comments but some need help to enjoy it ...so in this drawing their is one of the old bridges in Baghdad crossing the famous Tigris river ..... in the middle of the drawing I chose to draw the traditional Baghdad housing structure called "Alshenasheel" in an abstract style to emphasize on its pattern look .

I added part of Baghdad life in its Fair swingers located to the bottom right of the drawing and another form of Baghdad life in the presence of the date palms trimmer located to the bottom left of the drawing.

thank you.